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Sleaze in Pro Wrestling Part 2

  1. A few months after David Von Erich passed away in early 1984, referee David Manning, who worked in the World Class office, was autographing David Von Erich 8x10 pictures with David's name on them and they were still selling them throughout the year - all of this at the command of promoter Fritz Von Erich, father of the late David VE.
  2. Rita Chatterton who was the WWF's first female referee alleged that she was raped by Vince McMahon in the back seat of his limousine. Chauffeur Jim Stuart corroborated Chatterton's account and filed a lawsuit of his own, alleging that, during his WWF employment, he had been forced into witnessing the commission of crimes. The cases were either dismissed for lack of evidence or settled out of court.
  3. There's also a great story Missy Hyatt tells about the time she was dating Jake Roberts back in the day. Apparently, Jake had this weird thing where he liked to go to bars with Missy, but have her go in and sit at the bar by herself until some guy started hitting on her. Then, Jake would be watching from outside and come in and stare down the guy talking to Missy until the guy got up and walked away.
  4. Sid Vicious used to take a squirrel with him everywhere he went for some stupid reason and one day a couple of the wrestlers bet him he couldn't keep the squirrel down his pants for a minute. Sid accepted and after about 30 seconds the squirrel bit him in the dick and Sid dropped on the floor in pain crushing the squirrel in the process. He had to get rabies shots and stiches on his dick.
  5. The AWA wrestlers in the 70s usually had three nights off in a row. One time Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch got drunk, drove all the way from Minnesota to Louisiana for the sole purpose of kidnapping a mule, and brought it back to their apartment complex in Minnesota. Bored with just having the mule around the apartment, Murdoch got drunk(or was still drunk?), went to some country and western bar in downtown Minneapolis and rode the mule into the bar while firing a gun in the air. (Ad: This might be the greatest story I have ever heard)
  6. Jim The Anvil Neidhart taught British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith how to drug his wife's orange juice right before bed time each night. Then the next morning their wives would awaken with bloody, sore anuses. It took them a few bloody anuses to realize their husbands were anally raping them.
  7. Dynamite Kid broke his niece's kneecaps for insurance money. He did it with a hammer while her father held her down. She walks with a limp for the rest of her life.
  8. TNA ring girl Athena has a foot and leg fetish and apparently was caught trying to run off with Zach Gowen's fake leg.
  9. A wrestler who worked Stampede blamed Dynamite Kid for John Foley's death. Dynamite would constantly slip uppers and downers into Foley's drinks and Foley eventually had a stroke and died.
  10. Hawk started taking Rhesus Monkey Hormones, which were big in the bodybuilding community at the time. He told Bill Watts that every morning his first thought when he woke up would be that he wanted to kill somebody. "That's a wonderful way to live." said Watts. (Ad: If Watts said it deadpan, dripping with sarcasm, that's pretty funny...sadly, knowing Bill Watts, he probably meant every word...)
  11. At WM 13, supposably Psycho Sid shit his pants in the match with the Undertaker and Undertaker said it was some horrible smell in the ring.
  12. Back in 1995-1996 in ECW, Raven was banging Francine. I think everyone knows he likes to degrade women... a lot. Well he would choke her, slap her, tie her up, call her names, spit in her face, etc. But what finally broke her was when he fisted her while she was tied up. She started crying so he stopped but didn't untie her. So he started sticking the hotel remote control in her, which he did at every hotel room they stayed in. She was cool with that. But then he broke out the coffee cups and she finally left him when he untied her.
  13. Sable used to live in a trailer park before she met Mero. They have a bogus "how we met story" they tell everyone. The truth is that he met her while he was in WCW on the road... at a strip club. She was a stripper who offered "extras" for a price. Mero was impressed with the service and asked her to come on the road with him. She did. Mero didn't have any interest in making it a serious relationship though. He just wanted a regular piece on the road with him. So he started pimping her out to the boys a little bit. I know of at least five boys who took Mero up on it before she got pregnant. When she got pregnant Mero, as a part-time Christian, did the honorable thing and married her. Once the pregnancy was "handled" Sable continued to bang the boys but this time it was done w/o Mero in the know. She is apparently really into three and four way "dances" with her in a handicap match of sorts. BTW, she tells the boys they cannot wear condoms because she is "allergic" to them. I know one guy suggest lambskin but she wouldn't allow it because she is a vegan. The guy said, "Well you don't have to eat it."
  14. Ahmed Johnson did a lot of coke back around 1996 at the height of his WWF pay. I don't think I have to tell you that Chris and Tammy enjoy their fair share of nose candy. Well once they had blown through their cash but were still jonesing, they got desparate. They asked Ahmed for an eight ball on credit. He laughed and said, "Black people don't believe in credit. But we can barter." Chris asked what he wanted and Ahmed nodded in her direction. Chris looked at Tammy who shrugged before he said, "Well hey don't hurt her, okay?" So like twenty minutes later Ahmed finishes and Tammy leaves his room with the tiny, paper envelope. Instead of going back and using it with Chris (who was in their room freaking out), she did the coke with Shawn Michaels and spent the night in his room. A few hours later a frantic Candido starts banging on Ahmed's door. Ahmed answers the door and Candido asks, "Is Tammy here?" Ahmed shrugs and Chris says, "Where the fuck is Tammy?" Ahmed says he doesn't know because she left hours ago. Candido immediately abandons his search and says, "Well did she take the dope with her?" The next morning he still hasn't seen Tammy so he goes to the front desk where he runs into Shawn Michaels in the lobby. Shawn walks up to Candido and pushes a nostril close, sniffs, and says, "Thanks for the bump, Chris." Chris asked where Tammy was and Shawn said, "She's probably back in your room now." Candido stormed up to see her, got in a big argument, went to the building, and quit on the spot. The agent told him he couldn't quit w/o a written notice. So he picked up a booking sheet, flipped it over, and wrote: "I quit. Chris Candido" And that was the end of his WWF career.
  15. Bruiser Brody once assaulted a fan with a vomit-drenched mop, because he was trying to kill the territory.
  16. "He had scar tissue on his butt from so many injections over the years, and it was hard to shove the needle in." - Superstar Billy Graham on injecting Hulk Hogan with testosterone.


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Is #17 the "Choose Your Own Wrestling Adventure" slot? ;)

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Argh...don't know what happened there...i had 20...

Let me just say that for a long time in WWF, many young men were encouraged to engage in sexual acts with Pat Patterson in order to get pushed on TV as a top talent.

Also, in the 80's, the WWF hired 13 and 14 year old boys to work as ring boys at Madison Square Garden (if you watch tapes, you can see them surrounding the ringside area)...these boys were often involved in sexual relationships with WWF ring annonucer Mel Phillips (who had a foot fetish, and was often seen sniffing young boys shoes), Road agent Terry Garvin, and possibly Pat Patterson also...This was actually covered in the mainstream media in the early 90s...


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Its been a long time since anyone has seen or heard anything about Rita chatterton aka Rita marie... Any info on what she is doing these days or how her ordeal with the wwf has effected her life?

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While have fun on the internet I found a World wrestling entertainment site that has a free WWE feed that rocks..

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There are some good Trish stories here:

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